Fresh 3: Awesomely Fresh

Fresh 3: Awesomely Fresh

Fresh 3 is here, and it's more fun than ever! #AwesomelyFresh.

After almost three months of development, the freshest Fresh is here. Say hello to Fresh 3, awesomely fresh!

Here is a veeeeeeeerrrry quick rundown of all the new stuff on the One UI 3.1-based Fresh 3.

Awesome is for Everyone

Just because the Galaxy A50 is two years old doesn't mean that you don't deserve all the new features. Aside from the features you have loved from Fresh 1, Fresh 3 includes more features from the latest Galaxy devices!

Fresh includes Fun Mode from the Galaxy A52, which allows you to take more fun selfies with filters updated every once in a while[1]. Fresh 3 also includes more camera features, including Hyperlapse on the front camera, and recording in 1080p120 and 1080p24 in Pro Video Mode; courtesy of Ahmed from the Fresh Community (thanks man!). Fresh 3 also includes ArcSoft's High Resolution and Image Enhancement improvements from the Galaxy S21 and the A52.

Fresh 3 will now also allow you to experience the Alt Z Life, wherever you are. Alt Z Life is enabled for all regions, with Content Suggestions so you can keep the most secret stuff separately, and access it by a simple double-click of the power button. Fresh 3 also includes Useful Cards on the messaging app. Never miss what's most important, it does all the hard work for you in the background and presents you with useful information at the right time. It also runs on-device, so there is no need for an internet connection.

Fresh 3 also comes with a very easy-to-use resolution changer very similar to what you see on flagships. Easily switch between 1080p all the way to 540p with just a few taps!

Won from the Fresh Community poll, Fresh 3 includes the colorful and fun wallpapers from the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, including the video wallpapers! Fresh 3 also includes all the flagship video backgrounds for the call screen as well as all the ringtone themes from the latest Galaxy devices.

To top it all off, Fresh 3 includes the latest boot logo from the latest Galaxy S and A devices of this year. So your device feels Fresher and newer than what it is.

You deserve it, your phone deserves it.

Powerful Squeeze

Fresh is faster and more powerful thanks to Fresh Core, a new, in-house kernel designed to power your device through your day. Fresh Core is balanced for performance and battery life, and allows you to do the things you love for much, much longer, without giving up great performance.

Optimized for One UI 3, Fresh Core includes features anyone who wants to tinker their device to squeeeeeeze more performance into their device will be glad to have; including:

  • Additional I/O schedulers
  • DriveDroid support
  • Wireguard support; and
  • NTFS storage support

Plus, Fresh Core includes upstream kernel improvements from Google and Samsung from the Galaxy A50s, adding more performance to your device.

Fresh Core is currently upstreamed to 4.14.155, with later versions for better performance, battery life, and security, to be available later down the line.

Fresh 3 is not just fresher, it's faster and more powerful[2].

Easier to Freshen Up

Fresh 3 is not just about being fresher, it's about keeping it fresh much easier than before. Developed in collaboration with Yanndroid, Fresh Hub is here to make updating your device as easy as stock and access the community much easier!

With a user experience very similar to One UI, Fresh Hub is familiar, and friendly to use one handed. Updating is also a cinch, just check, update, and go! Accessing addons is now easier than ever as well! Addons are now available for download, install, and even uninstall from within Fresh Hub[3]. Fresh Hub is also update-able separately from the ROM!

Fresh Hub will get more features very soon, including Spectrum support so stay tuned!

Changes to Addons

Fresh 3 makes more improvements to the debloating process. Aside from the removed apps from Fresh 1.3, Fresh 3 now also excludes these apps, now in their separate addons:

  • Smart View (now on Samsung Live)
  • Dual Messenger (now on My Galaxy)
  • Bixby Routines (now on Bixby Smart)

My Galaxy has been broken down as well and is now simply a singular addon. Addons for Wi-Fi Direct (AllShare, Wi-Fi Direct sharing, and Quick Share) are now in a separate "Samsung Live" module, Bixby Reminders and Routines are in a separate "Bixby Smart" addon, Your Phone and "Call and text on other devices" are now in "Seamless".

More addons, as well as third-party addons, will be available very soon!

A Bigger Community

The Galaxy A50 will not be alone anymore, Fresh will also come to the Galaxy A50s and M30s later this year, with more support to come soon.

The community has also gotten larger ever since the first 1.2 release of Fresh just over three months ago. From your bug reports, feature suggestions, and even contributions in making Fresh Hub more accessible to everyone by translating the app, you all have made Fresh better.

I want to thank everyone in the community for making Fresh what it is today. You are the pilots in making Fresh 3 an amazing thing to work on, and a release that exceeded my expectations. You all have helped making Fresh 3 the biggest release I have ever done in my development life. And to that I say, thank you.

Get Fresh 3 Today!

And that's just a quick rundown! You'll absolutely going to love Fresh 3 with its bounty of new features and improvements.

After installing, Reboot to System! Magisk 22.1 is now included with the system kernel, no more need to boot to recovery to get root!

Fresh 3 is now available from the Fresh official website and official SourceForge repository. Google Drive and MEGA links are available on the Fresh forum.

Addons are available on Fresh Hub, SourceForge, and the official MEGA mirror.

[1] Provided by Snap Inc. for Samsung
[2] Compared to Fresh 1
[3] Over-the-air update APIs are provided by Netlify with downloads from SourceForge