Announcing Mint 12 Stable

Announcing Mint 12 Stable

Mint 12.2 Stable is now available for the Samsung Galaxy A50.

December 4, 2022. I'm officially announcing the release of Mint Kernel 12.2 Stable.

Mint is a One UI-first custom kernel designed to bring optimized performance and battery life to Samsung Exynos 9610 devices. Mint Kernel has been the kernel of choice for many users as well as custom ROMs, being the default kernel on The Fresh Project's flagship Fresh.

Mint 12 brings a significant amount of optimizations as well as support for more modern versions of Android.

New in this release

  • Added support for Android 12 and 13-based custom ROMs.

  • A completely revamped Exynos Mobile Scheduler (EMS) optimized for low-latency tasks.

  • A smarter CPU governor with a more fully-featured boosting algorithm from the Galaxy S10 and machine learning-like techniques from the Galaxy S20.

  • Upstream improvements to the ARM64 architecture, kernel scheduler, and memory management.

  • Upstream changes from Samsung OSRC for the Exynos 9610 platform.

  • Upstream security patches from the Linux Kernel, Samsung, and Google. This includes patches for the dirty pipe vulnerability.

  • Updated Magisk to v25.2.

  • Updated SensorHub drivers to the latest revision to fix sensors on devices running more recent One UI ROMs or vendors. Legacy support for older vendors are available for Android 11 kernels.

  • Updated the S.LSI Wi-Fi and BT driver (WLBT) for stability and to better support Android 12-based vendors.

  • Added support for the Incremental File System that aims to improve the app installation experience for custom ROM users. This requires implementation on the custom ROM side, with Fresh 4 being the first for the Galaxy A50 to do so.

Changes specific to Android 12+ kernels

  • Updates to the RAM Plus kernel feature that adds per-process swapping on One UI 4+ ROMs.

  • Updated the Mali GPU driver to r32p1.

  • Added the 'adaptive' GPU power policy from the Google Pixel 6.

  • Added support for FUSE Passthrough. Improves file system performance with the internal storage and SD cards. This requires implementation on the custom ROM side, with Fresh 4 being the first for the Galaxy A50 to do so.

Get Mint Kernel

Mint 12 Stable is now available for download from Mint's official GitHub Releases repository and is available with variants for One UI and AOSP-based ROMs.

Building from source

Mint Kernel's full source code is available on GitHub, with instructions to build on the README. Contributions and issue reports are also welcome!

I would like to extend my gratitude to all the testers, and contributors, as well as to those whose more awesome kernels have made something like Mint possible. All source references are available on Mint's README, as usual.

And one more thing

Fun fact: Mint Kernel releases are typically followed by major Fresh releases. Mint 11.3 was released alongside Fresh 3.2.3, Mint 11.6 with Fresh 3.4 Preview...

...Fresh 4 is officially coming 9th December, 2022. Love your phone again with more customization options, better performance, and much more.